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The Meaning of the Word Hero Kathleen Tennison Eng122: English Composition II Instructor: Shelley Palmer April 21, 2014 FINAL RESEARCH PAPER DRAFT The definition and guidelines for using the term “hero” to describe a person can be as diverse as the land we live in, however, regardless of your cultural identity the shield of “hero” must be earned. It is defined as “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities, is regarded as a model or ideal (, 2014). In Classical Mythology, a hero is “a being of godlike prowess, a warrior of special strength, courage or ability” (, 2014). This describes how we have portrayed our present day heroes, the pedestal that we put them on, after actions reflecting heroism, have been awarded the title. Difficult to earn, harder to retain, but forever remembered. What is a hero and what has he or she done to deserve that title? A recent example is Todd Beamer. In an article from Christianity Today (2001), “Todd Beamer will always be remembered as a national hero, he was a hero long before he and others on United Flight 93 tried to overpower hijackers on Sept. 11, 2011. In his final moments, Beamer 32, called a GTE Airfone operator and gave details about the hijacking, then recited the Lord’s Prayer with the operator. Beamer set down the telephone, and the operator heard him say to other passengers, Are you ready? Let’s Roll! The plane crashed within minutes, killing 44 passengers and crew. “What they did was to foil, I think the attack on Washington D.C., “Vice President Dick Cheney said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “Without question, the attack would’ve been much worse if it hadn’t been for the courageous actions of thos... ... middle of paper ... ...he Hudson. Successful Meetings 59 (11): 20-27, Retrieved from Business Source Elite Database. Hero (2014) World English Dictionary. Random House Dictionary. Retrieved from Dictionary.Com Unabridged. Holzer, Harold (2004). Heroes of History Lecture: Abraham Lincoln, American Hero. National Endowment for the Humanities. Retrieved from We the Spider Man (2014) Spider Man. Wikipedia. Wikipedia.Org. Taylor, Latonya (2001, Oct.22). Todd Beamer, Hero of Fatal Flight. Christianity Today, 45 (13) 18. Retrieved from Corporate Resource net Database. Teachers Turn Heroes in Oklahoma Tornado. (2013, May 24) Forsyth County News. Dallas Morning News (2013, May 22) Retrieved from database. Watson, Julie (2012, Dec03) Marines Special Operations Team Gets Rare Public Honor For Heroic Acts in Afghanistan. Huffing Post. Retrieved from Huffington Post.Com

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the definition and guidelines for using the term "hero" to describe a person can be as diverse as the land we live in.
  • Explains that todd beamer was a national hero long before he and others on united flight 93 tried to overpower hijackers on sept. 11, 2011.
  • Opines that todd beamer and the rest of those who stood up to fight back earned the name "hero."
  • Opines that if the todd beamer's of the united flight 93 had not thwarted the hijackers' plans, the damage and destruction in washington dc would have been much more severe than it was with only one aircraft impacting the pentagon.
  • Describes capt. chelsea sullenberger as an everyday unsung hero whose actions determined the safety of many, based on his composure and experience.
  • Describes how capt. sullenberger and the crew met with the passengers and their families a month after the miracle landing.
  • Opines that publically awarding military heroes with the media circus that can erupt would be detrimental to the nature of their function.
  • Opines that the navy cross is a chance to recognize people who don't get recognized much. the phrase attributed to war related casualties is "all gave some, while some gave all."
  • Analyzes how teachers acted heroically in a tornado that struck an elementary school while class was in session. they were directing students to hide, stay calm, react, and shield them from flying debris.
  • Describes jackie robinson as a true american hero, best known for breaking down the color barrier in major league baseball.
  • Explains that jackie robinson won the rookie of the year award, his first year, and the highest honor for a new player in the game.
  • Explains that jackie robinson was inducted to the baseball hall of fame on july 23, 1962, the first black person to receive the honor.
  • Opines that jackie robinson was a standout talent at ucla in basketball, football, baseball, and track.
  • Opines that the better the sports athlete is, the bigger the spotlight and the more powerful is the magnifying glass.
  • Opines that a comic book super-hero and action film star earns the title of hero, just for doing extraordinary things on the big screen.
  • Explains that being a hero in today's era means performing individually in harm’s way to save the lives of another. true heroes perform heroic acts of courage, including todd beamer, capt.
  • Opines that a hero is an athlete who is good at his/her sport, and makes an impact in the world. the oklahoma story, the flight 73 story and the miracle on the hudson river are examples of heroes.
  • Analyzes how jackie robinson: an american hero, los angeles dodgers, and us airways captain chesley "sully" sullerberger helped create a miracle on the hudson.
  • Cites holzer, harold, taylor, latonya, todd beamer, and forsyth county news.
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