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Hero, there are many ways to define this term we think it is someone who saves others like police and firefighters. Maybe when a hero is mentioned, we think of grown men and women in colorful tights like Batman and Superman. We all have our own definitions, I recently saw this quote by Tom Hanks he states, “A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.” To me this is the best way to define hero, it is the ones who put their life on the line for us the military would be one of the best examples of a hero. At the age of fourteen I was asked “What do we know about D-Day?” Once this question was asked, every student in the room looked at each other with shame. Turning back in our seats to face the teacher we see him scan his eyes…show more content…
This exhibit also included soldiers climbing over the wall to the other side there were four soldiers who were actually climbing. The statues of soldiers on the wall and in the water reminded me of the green army men that I played with as a kid only difference is they were not standing in a strong pose some had been shot, or helping the wounded, but most of those soldiers showed peer terror on their faces. I cannot imagine how terrifying they were not knowing what was waiting on the other side of the wall, not knowing if this would be their last day on…show more content…
Yes, this seems like a simple and small statue compared to others, but there is a bigger meaning behind it. This gun and helmet represented all those soldiers who fought and lost their lives in the process. I used to not like or be interested in these historical type things, going to memorials just never caught my attention. It has changed over the years because some of my family was in the military. They probably were not part of D-Day, but just the thought my family could have been a part of this historical event makes me proud. My grandpa was in the military and then the Air Force, my great grandpa on my pawpaw’s side also served in the military I believe he fought in World War II. I am just amazed what these soldiers and even their families had to go through. If someone is willing to go through this type of dramatic experience, they are the true

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