Hero Maturity In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a test of challenges of a hero’s progression. The novel involves a hero steering his way through obstacles to reach maturity. In order to reach his heroic maturity, Sir Gawain must participate in these games. These games serves as the obstacles that stand between the path. Throughout history there have been many instances in which games stood in between a hero and its end goal. In the novel the Hunger Games, for example a simple game of survival served as the obstacle between the hero and the heroic maturity. The main character of this story played an actual game of fate where they battled survival of the fittest to become the hero of their own game. Sir Gawain in his own way play his own game of fate which determined his heroic maturity in the way he develops. The game is a symbol that represents heroic maturity. Throughout history, it has repeated itself over and over to show that the game is a degree of obstacles that determine the maturity of the hero. The game serves as a challenge of heroic maturity where Sir Gawain must prove how much of a hero he is. One game that serves as a test of maturity is the Beheading Challenge. Upon his arrival to Camelot, the Green Knight requests to Arthur to be indulged in a game. At first, Arthur assumes…show more content…
The game in this story serves as a challenge to Sir Gawain to show his heroic development. The path that the Gawain takes ultimately determines his heroic maturity. It shows that the game hold the fate of the hero and what type of hero that he becomes. How the hero deals with the game is the factor of how he matures as a hero and what type of hero he is. The three games in this story prove Gawain ability to keep his word, his ability to be truthful in seduction, and the last test of character. The game brings out the true decisions of a hero in which he must decide what kind of hero he
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