Hero Is Not A Hero

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Emma Slayton
Professor Rhode
Into to Media Arts
When a Hero Is Not a Hero
As the editor of this newspaper, I decided to include the facts of the firefighter drinking in the story. By carefully taking into account several ethical perspectives, I determined that the pros in presenting the complete story outweighed the pros in not doing so. Certain values, principles, and loyalties as well as ethics, privacy, and the First amendment contributed to my decision.
I came to this resolution by analyzing the story using Potter’s Box. I alienated the facts without making judgments or hiding any of the facts. The fact is that during the fire, the firefighter had a blood alcohol level of 0.16 percent. I then identified my professional and moral values of honesty, justice, and public right, and these overrode the desire to maintain the firefighter’s heroic reputation. By comparing the merits of different values, I was able to see the concerns of those involved and put myself in their shoes. It again came down to owing the public the entire truth. Subsequently, I thought about principles...

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