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Hermione Granger: The evolution of female fictional characters to feminist role models

Feminism is a difficult term to define. It has been convoluted with misunderstanding through the years and has garnered a negative connotation in some circles. However, the basic concept at the heart of feminism is gender egalitarianism. In the patriarchal societies that encompass most of the globe, feminism is the thought that women are equal in ALL aspects of life and should be afforded the exact opportunities in life, regardless of preconceived notions about intelligence, skillset or abilities.
There are three “waves” of feminism. The First Wave, dealt with “de jure” sexism and occurred in the late 1800’s until the early 1900’s, when women acquired the right to vote. The Second Wave dealt with “de facto” sexism, equality in the workforce. While the Third Wave came about in the 1990’s and was a diversification of the Second Wave. This Third Wave, also known as, “Postfeminism” dealt with ALL women: straight, gay, all races, old and young alike. The aim of Postfeminism is to combat the way that pop culture adversely influences these different women, with the misrepresentation of women on television and film. The goal is to present role models that are outside of the society’s norm, more realistic role models. Popular culture has a habit of only presenting white, straight women, airbrushed beauties; as the main character in the story; incapable of thinking for themselves and needing to be rescued by a man. This ideal is an unrealistic and unhealthy ambition for young women. They should be encouraged by their role models to think logically, save themselves and others, think “outside the box,” and to just be more. Bruno Bettelheim, author of The U...

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...r your daughter? Because of, and yet, despite her imperfections, Hermione Granger IS a solid feminist role model. According to Kniesler,
[t]here is no one ideal woman, just as there is no ideal feminist…Hermione is a feminist role model because she grasps the foundations of feminism – sexual equality – and remains true to herself, overcoming the pressure of society and tradition. Part of the reason Hermione is such a solid character and powerful feminist role model is because she refuses to be shackled by the role of supporting character and establishes an identity for herself within Harry’s narrative. Hermione achieves her personal goals through combining her own ambition and drive with the support of her friends and mentors; meanwhile everyone – fellow characters and readers alike – obtains access to a new understanding and respect for gender equality (101-102).
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