Hermes The God Of Herpes

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The Greek god I chose was Hermes. I chose him because he was the god of many different things that I found interesting, such as travel, trade, and athletic contests. The myth I have chosen to write about is “ The theft of Apollon’s cattle.” In this myth Hermes (who was only a toddler) steals Apollo’s cattle and gets caught. In this myth I like how Hermes eventually helps out Apollo and how they become friends. According to Ron Leadbetter’s article “Hermes”,Hermes was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. He is the son of Zeus, the ruler of the Gods. His mother is Maia, daughter of Atlas. (Leadbetter, 1997). Hermes was the only child of Maia but, he was only one of many children to Zeus. He was close to his half brother, Apollo, after the death of the cattle. Hermes children are believed to be Pan, Hermaphroditus, Aderus and Autolycus according to (source 2). Hermes role in the society was to be the messenger and the conductor of souls to the underworld since he was the speediest of all gods with wings on his sandals. Zeus appreciated Hermes greatly since Hermes helped him with making hard decisions. Hermes existed to be the messenger, because he was the only Olympian God to be allowed in the Underworld, Heaven and Earth. Hermes was very popular among the Greek spirits and gods because of this and he enjoyed the popularity he gained from this. He also has some powers such as being immune to human disease, super speed, and did not age once he gained adulthood. The three sites that the have the myth “The theft of Apollon’s cattle” are Hemlock and Hawthorn (source 5) Classical Mythology The little rascal: Hermes (source 3) and Hermes the cattle of Apollon (source 4). In All the stories Hermes gets out of his cradle a... ... middle of paper ... ...s. In my opinion I believe that the Hemlock and Hawthorn (source 5) version of the story is better then the other ones. I like this version better because of the length and the details, such as why Hermes went looking for cattle. For me (source 4) had a few vital parts of the story missing therefore you may not obtain as much knowledge as you would've gained reading the other sources. In the (Source 3) version it does not state where he hid the cows (in a cave) which is a big part in the story and why Apollon could not find the cattle. In “ The theft of Apollon’s cattle” there were many similarities and differences amongst the three different websites. If you only read one of the stories you may miss out on some of the key points of the myth such as the old man who snitches out Hermes or the lyre that is traded to Apollon for its cattle. I really liked this myth

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