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Fee, G. D. & Stuart, D. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. 3rd ed. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2003.

How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth is a book that takes a comprehensive and detailed look at how to arrive at the most exact understanding of the original authors intent. In this book Dr. Gordon Fee and Dr. Douglas Stuart take a thorough examination of how to dissect the Bible to more fully understand the inerrancy, authority, process and purpose of scripture.
The question to consider is not simply, Is the Bible true? But there are many other questions that beg to be answered. Like who were the righters of the Bible? Did they write from their own wisdom or did God inspire their words? Who was the Bible written to? What is the intent of the original author? What did the passage mean to the original hearer? These questions and many others would have to be asked to arrive at an accurate understanding of the Scripture. However, simply reading the Bible does not answer these questions. One must study the Bible and ask questions to bring to light what the author is trying to communicate. Before there can be an accurate understanding of the Scripture there will first have to be exegetical and hermeneutical dissection of the passage. Exegetical asks, What is the original intent of the author? Looking at both the context of the scripture, and the content of the scripture. Next you must examine the hermeneutical question, What it this passage saying to me here and now? The next step in beginning your study into Scripture is to have a good translation of the Bible that is easy for you to understand yet accurate in its translation.
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...iring. It gives us great insight into the minds and hearts of the writers and it gives us a glimpse at the omniscience of God and His love for mankind. There were many times when reading this book that I receive divine revelation and enlightenment to better understand what God was trying to say through a specific passage or literary section. I truly believe that by reading this book I am better able to divide the word of God and teach it in a way that is accurate and true to the original intent of the Holy Spirit and the authors. I believe that this book communicates the deep love God has for mankind that He would give us His Word, and in His Word reveal the depth and fullness of His love for us. Because of this book I am inspired to study the Bible more with the confidence that it is worth knowing and that God desires to reveal Himself to mankind through His Word.
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