Heritage In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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471 words

Heritage is one most important theme in the entire world; it has an influence on everyday routine. At the beginning of the day mama receives a letter from her eldest daughter Dee saying that she’s coming after her absence for 10 or 12 years since their old house was burned down. Mama was so excited for Dee’s arrival. Mama was strong, she had hands like men, she could kill a pig and cook it by herself, and she was soft like pancakes. She had younger daughter called Maggie, she was unlike Dee. Dee was well educated, had a nice hair and a lighter skin. Maggie was always shy, couldn’t speak for herself, especially when their house was burnt she had scares on her arm due to the flames. The conflict over the family’s home was clear from the beginning …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the conflict over the family's home was clear from the beginning of the story.
  • Analyzes how dee came with a man who was short and had hair all over his head. mama didn't care to ask him if he was her husband or not.

But the truth was that she wanted to forget all the Dees who came before her. Dee came with a man who was short and had hair all over his head. Mama didn’t even care to ask Dee if he was her husband or not. He greeted them but with strange word for mama to hear. It was “Alsalamalekim”. She thought that it was his name. Dee asked if she could take the quilts. But mama said that she had promised Maggie to have them as a wedding gift. And she told Dee that she had offered them to her at first when she was at the age of 16 but she rejected them as it was “old fashioned”. Dee didn’t want the quilts in order to remember her grandmother, but she wanted to hang them. But Maggie would use them in everyday use. When mama told Maggie that she will take the quilts not Dee, she couldn’t believe herself, she finally had something for herself not for Dee and she was finally happy. But Dee was angry of mama and she said that Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts and she would use them for everyday use and she didn’t know it was used for that. Then she gets out of the house furiously saying that mama and Maggie just don’t understand their heritage. But mama and Maggie understand that Dee never

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