Here is New York

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1. Close Up

Picture Number: 1633

For this compositional strategy I chose a picture of a postcard of New York showing the skyline, twin towers included, being held by a steel fence. Above it is another picture showing Jesus kneeling. The two images are in the center of the picture creating a symmetrical balance. The repetitions of the fence forming the diamonds in the background dose not make it go unnoticed because you realize that without it the pictures could not be held up. Looking closer you see that the image of Jesus and of New York are overlapping, and that overall this picture shows a figure-ground relationship.
To me this picture can be looked at in two different ways. The fact that Jesus is above the postcard of New York to me indicates that the photographer is trying to that even after this terrible tragedy that has happened to one of the worlds greatest cities, above all, we must have hope and faith that New York and America will recover. Because even though steel (hence the fence) could not hold up the towers our faith is stronger than steal and will overcome any obstacle.

2. Long-Shot
Picture Number: 7274
For the long shot I chose this pre 9/11 picture showing the New York city at night. It is not taken at ground view but instead is an aerial view. It looks as though every light in the city is on showing a full tonal range in this picture creating almost a glowing aura. The twin towers are located in the center of the picture and from it there are 2 beams of light, one for each tower, rising from the ground into space.
To me this picture puts emphasis on the twin Towers as being the heart and center of not only New York but perhaps of the entire earth. The light shining down on it looks like an energy source, or like it could be protecting it. The light to me can also be looked at as the souls of the people who died in the world trade center ascending to heaven, and perhaps the towers themselves as the soul of New York rising to heaven.

3. Isolation
Picture Number: 7213
The picture I chose to describe the Isolation compositional strategy is a picture that was taken of a very crowded area of new York. The entire picture is all kinds of people all heading in different direction, with their own adjendas.
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