Hercules : The Heroes Of Greek Mythology

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Hercules one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology. Today people see mythology as a series of stories, made-up over hundreds of years. According to the text, myth is a “fact without science” and it also is a “function of language”. Most of the Greek myths are etiological myths. Myths provide explanation of life and nature. Hercules one of the most well know heroes of Greek mythology due to the Disney production that was released in the late 90’s. So what did Hercules do? Today’s film versions manipulate the story of Hercules’s life though films such as the Disney version, which glorifies and displaces certain events to entertain the audiences. The Disney version of Hercules which was an animated film made for the younger audience. The first scene of the film, which begins after the birth of Hercules. There Hera and Zeus are in joyful moods due to their new child. From Jealousy, Hades God of the Underworld, sends two snakes to his crib to poison Hercules. The poison will turn Hercules into a human, so then the snakes could kill him. Hercules did not consume there entire bottle, since he was no longer a God her couldn’t live in Mt. Olympus. As a result, Hercules fell to Earth and was adopted by a couple that were farmers. Hercules knew he was different, because where ever he went he caused disaster. Therefore Hercules left home and decided to visit the temple of Zeus. When he entered temple Zeus came to life and told Hercules that he was his father. To return to him back at Mt. Olympus he must become a God. Zeus told Hercules to meet with the trainer of heroes Philoctete, then he would have a chance to become a God. Overtime, Philocete helps Hercules master his strength. On his first mission, Hercules saves a young beauty named... ... middle of paper ... ...hom he had by Megara, and two children of Iphicles into the fire; wherefore he condemned himself to exile, and was purified by Thespius, and repairing to Delphi he inquired of the god where he should dwell.97 The Pythian priestess then first called him Hercules, for hitherto he was called Alcides.98 And she told him to dwell in Tiryns, serving Eurystheus for twelve years and to perform the ten labours imposed on him, and so, she said, when the tasks were accomplished, he would be immortal.” (Apollodorus 2.4.12) After killing his family, Hercules had to complete the 12 labours. At first there were only 10 labours but Eurystheus decided to add two more. Which included the defeat of the several creatures the lion, the Hydra, the Cerberus and the Centaurs. Later on in Life, Hercules then became God. Hercules is the only half-blood to become a God in Greek mythology.

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