Hercule Poirot In Death On The Nile By Agatha Christie

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In the book “ Death on the Nile”, the author Agatha Christie was able to make me feel as if I was taking part in the investigation of Linnet Rideway’s death. Admired by everyone, Linnet was a beautiful, extremely wealthy, newly married woman. She had a husband known as Simon Doyle, who was recently engaged by Jacqueline de Bellefort or Jackie, Linnet’s close friend. She introduced them to each other knowing that they become nothing more than friends. Unsurprisingly furious, Jacqueline begins to follow the couple wherever they go, including their honeymoon to Egypt. She then goes to the wise detective, by the name of Hercule Poirot who is also on holiday, and tells him that her only wish is to shoot Linnet in the head. Shortly after, on a boat trip on the Nile where Jacqueline followed the other couple, Linnet is found murdered, shot in the head during her sleep. Hercule Poirot is known in all of Agatha Christie’s novels, a wise, clever, self-confident detective who does everything he can to try solving a specific mystery or detecting a specific murder. Based on my previous read Agat...

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