Herbert George Wells Research Paper

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Herbert George Wells Biography

Herbert George Wells lived an early life in poverty. His father had recently moved to Bromley for his cricket career. He played cricket professionally and was a shop keeper. His mother was a maid but because his father played professionally, they had enough money for her to only be a shop keeper. Doesn't seem like poverty or any issues right? Wrong, his father had fractured his leg which dropped their income. His mother became a maid again and they would soon separate never to get back together. His school years weren't very good either. At the age of 5 though he learned to read and loved it. At first he went to a shop keeping school to prepare to take over for his father. But when he broke his leg, his mother made him become an apprentice to a drapery for extra money. He made only 2 pounds an hour and the place was soon closed down. The headmaster wasn't qualified with enough skill to proceed. Herbert became a chemistry assistant which must've influenced his science fiction. He became another apprentice for a drapery and hated it. For the 2 years he was there he despised it so much that he told his mother to take him out, or he would take his life. His mother agreed and he enrolled at Midhurst Grammar school. He did very well at this school. He taught as a pupil-teacher and made a lot more money than an apprentice. With his excellence he got a scholarship to got to the Normal school of Science. Under Thomas Huxley, Herbert studied. Thomas Huxley taught about things like Charles Darwin. He spoke about his ideas on other theories. Thomas was most likely another important influence on Herbert's writing. He also affected how he thought though. He rejected the idea that education was important. Ins...

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...l he wrote. He wrote on different topics and did very well on his short stories. He began writing lots of them and wrote for Pall Mall Gazette. He started to increase his income and started to support his wife. Except he left his wife and went with Amy. Amy was a former student that he used to tutor but this relationship didn't last we'll either. Wells was a philanderer with 2 other children and Amy didn't like this. He then was together with another women Jane. He had 2 kids with her and stayed with her until she died. Wells was publishing many books becoming very wealthy very soon. He wrote about different subjects which attracted many people.
Overall, Wells will never be forgotten. He is the father of science fiction. His science knowledge influenced his writing and so did Thomas Huxley with Charles Darwin. Genocide affected Herbert's book War of the Worlds.
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