Herbal Remedies In Modern Day Medicine

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Modern day medicine is nothing compared to medicine from the past as a result of science excelling dramatically over the past centuries. Herbal remedies were considered modern medicine back in 3,000 B.C.; it was all people had back then to cure diseases, but it was also extremely affective for some. Of course, as technology and science both started to evolve, we saw a great increase in modern medicines rather than herbal, at home remedies. A massive percentage of modern day medicine contains chemical substances that are derived from botanical plants. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of modern medicine has cured many diseases and illnesses.
Medicines and drugs prescribed by a doctor or sold over the counter have all been studied,
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Many people find herbal remedies to cure their illness, but none have been scientifically proven to work. In fact, they are known as “quackery” medications because of their lack of effectiveness. Due to its cultural diversity, there is a great variety of herbal remedies that have been passed down from generations by our ancestors. All parts of the world may have a remedy they vow to, but science shows that its effectiveness, whether it be good or bad, is due to how their mind processes it. Many Hispanics use herbal remedies, like the brushing of an egg through one’s body to get rid of fever or as they call it, “ojo.” Remedies like “ojo” are also known as “brujeria” or “witchcraft” that can be performed by anyone. The effectiveness of herbal remedies is questionable so people who attempt to cure an illness in that form may not see positive results as time goes…show more content…
Although technology has advanced throughout the years, scientists have yet to find the cure for cancer. However, thanks to advances in technology, cancerous death rates are decreasing. “In 2003 to 2012, cancer death rates decreased by: 1.8 percent per year among men, 1.4 percent per year among women, 2.0 percent per year among children ages 0-19.” Traditional medicine is no match for modern day medicine nor could it stand a chance. Sadly, the world has experienced the sudden death of Chinese actress, Xu Ting, 26, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. Ting decided to treat her cancer the traditional, Chinese way instead of the western medical way. Unfortunately, she spent her last days suffering in agony while losing her fight against the disease. Had she accepted to undergo chemotherapies, her life span could have been longer than it was. Her tragic death serves as an example that although there is still no cure for cancer, herbal remedies are definitely not the cure.
In all, modern medication has proven to be an effective route that will help increase one’s life span, maintain a healthy life style, and will be more beneficial than herbal medication. Many people around the world are tightly grasping on to the thought that, one day, the cure will be found, and death rates against cancer will increase. For now, it is highly suggested to stick to the medication that has been scientifically approved and
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