Her Lover

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Her Lover is a perfect example of a short story because it meets all the criteria of the ideal short story. Setting is stated briefly just to let you get a feel for when and where the story takes place. There are not too many characters, and the ones that are presented are not over explained and dragged out. The plot line is interesting and you can clearly tell where the rising action, climax, and falling action are in the story. The conflict is made clear by the author. The only problem is the matter of the point of view.
At the beginning of the story someone says “AN acquaintance of once told me the following story”, and then the majority of the story seems to be told by this persons acquaintance. Then somewhere around the end and the sort of presentation of the moral of the story the narrator says “My acquaintance shook the ash from, looked pensively at the sky…”. This makes the decision of what person the story is being told in, whether it’s the actual person who experienced the story or just someone repeating a story that he once heard.
The setting is plainly stated at the begin...
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