Henry VIII

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Second invasion of France and the "Rough Wooing" France and Holy Roman Empire were going into a yet another war with each other and once again Henry was faced with a decision of who to join in the fight. Henry's old dream of ruling France was reignited and since both Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn were dead, relations between Holy Roman Emperor Charles and Henry improved considerably and they entered a secret alliance. An invasion of France was planned too and in preparation for it, Henry moved to eliminate the potential threat of Scotland under the youthful King James V. This would continue the Reformation in Scotland, which was still Catholic, and Henry hoped to unite the crowns of England and Scotland by marriage of James' daughter, the future Mary, Queen of Scots to his son Edward. Henry started a war with Scotland in pursuit of this goal, a campaign nicknamed "the Rough Wooing". The Scots were defeated at Battle of Solway Moss on 24 November 1542 and James V died on 15 December. The Scottish Regent Arran agreed to the marriage in the Treaty of Greenwich on 1 July 1543. ...

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