Henry VIII

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The English Reformation Henry soon realised that Pope won't give him the divorce he wanted. His request was rejected by the church so he decided to reject the church. He realised that if he frees himself from the Pope's influence he will be able to do what he wants and even make his own rules. This ment that he could marry Anne but also that could become more powerful than any other Europe's ruler. Throughout his life he was a devout catholic but this taste of power and disappointment in the church made him disregard that and turn to possible solutions. He started cutting back Pope's influence in England through series of Acts which were a prelude to the Reformation. As he was moving farther and farther away from Rome Anne was coming closer and closer to him. She was intellgent and educated lady also described as a woman of „charm, style and wit, with will and savagery which made her a match for Henry“ . But she was also influenced by Lutheran ideas and she started influencing Henry too. He was opposed to Protestantisam at first but when their ideas were coming from Anne and offe...

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