Henry Ford: The History Of The Ford Motor Company

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Henry Ford
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Henry Ford
Henry Ford was one of the most famous people in the world. He revolutionized assembly line modes for the automobile, which revolutionized the auto industry for America. He invented the Ford model T car, in 1908, which was his first car he invented. Because of this reason, Ford sold and continues to sell millions of automobiles and became head of a world renowned and innovative auto company. His company didn't really dominate the foreign market, but it made a huge impact in technology and the development of the U.S infrastructure. Today, we look at the Ford company and see how much it has changed, and how much it has evolved. Ford is known for helping build the American economy
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He received investments from all over to help form the Henry Ford Company in 1899. Ford’s father was proud to see his son’s name on automobiles, but was frustrated when Ford needed to constantly improve the efficiency. Ford left his namesake company in 1902 for financial reasons. After he left, it changed names to the Cadillac Motor Car Company. Later that year, Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. A month after the company was formed, the Ford Model A was built at the Ford Motor Plant in Detroit. Only a couple of these cars were able to be made every day, so sales were slow. There were only about 2 to 3 workers to assemble these cars. But Ford was motivated to create an efficient and consumer friendly automobile. These innovations resulted in the Ford Model T. The Model T was a great liftoff for Ford and his company, and as a result, he practiced techniques of mass production the would change American Industry, including using large production plants. The mass production technique made it easier for people to assemble cars and the rate of producing these cars were much quicker. It was also a cheaper way to produce automobiles, and in 1914, Ford was able to raise the daily wage to 5 dollars. Production skyrocketed for the Model T and by 1918, half of America had purchased these inexpensive and readily available cars. In 1919, Ford made his son Edsel as the president of the company, but Ford still kept control of the company’s day to day operations. That same year, Ford stopped making the Model T and invented the New and improved Model A , which had better horsepower and brakes, and better overall improvements. By this time, Ford had sold 15 million Model T’s and had opened plants that manufactured the Model
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