Henrik Isben's A Doll's House

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To meet the needs of others, characters are often faced with making important

decisions. In A Doll’s House, Nora, Mrs. Linden, and the nurse must all make decisions

crucial to the importance of their lives. It is very evident throughout the story that these

women must give up important aspects of their lives not only for themselves, but also for


The nurse is a key importance in Nora’s life. She has been the only mother Nora

has known. In order to be Nora’s mother, however, the nurse ultimately had to give up

her own child. When Nora is speaking with the nurse at one point, she asks, “ How could

you have the heart to put your own child out among strangers?” The nurse tells her that

she had to do it in order to take care of “little Nora.” The nurse plays a major role in the

lives of Nora's children also. She is responsible for being their mother when Nora is too

busy to deal with them. Now that Nora is leaving, the nurse has no other choice but to be

a mother to these children. Nora is certain that her children are in good hands and will be

raised well by the nurse. By raising Nora, and now Nora’s children, the nurse seems to

accept the fact that she gave up her own life to benefit others.

Mrs. Linden is one of the strongest female characters in the story. She knows that

work is hard, but it is something she needs in her life in order for happiness. In the final

scenes, the re...

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