Henrietta Lacks Research Paper

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The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks A legacy is something that makes a significant change in future generations, that is passed down to future generations whether it would be an idea or an object. The names of those people who passed these legacies remain unforgetten. Although, not everyone’s legacies are recognized until someone decides to publicize that information. Unfortunately, one of those people is Henrietta Lacks, who made an incredible legacy. In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a nonfiction novel by Rebecca Skloot is about Henrietta Lacks who made a legacy that significantly improved modern medicine in the world. Her cells which are cancer cells that replicated around her cervix made cell testing easier, since her cells were able to reproduce in a lab and the other cells died. These were called HeLa cells but no one knew…show more content…
She would be able to provide information to Rebecca about her mother’s life. Many of the records of Henrietta’s appointments were hidden. Until Deborah shed light into her mother’s treatment, none of the records would have been known. She gave these records to Skloot. “At several points during the day, Deborah said I should take her mother's medical records into my hotel room when we stopped for the night” (203). She also wanted her mother’s story to be under the correct name. The world only knew Henrietta for her cells and they would only know her as HeLa or Helen Lane. However, no one knew anything about Henrietta Lacks. “‘First, if my mother is so famous in science history, you got to tell everybody to get her name right. She ain’t no Helen Lane. And second, everybody always say Henrietta Lacks had four children. That ain’t right, she had five children”’ (170). Her mother’s stories and the medical records are the contributions that Deborah made in order to make her mother’s legacy
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