Henna Night- Original Writing

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Henna Night- Original Writing The day had finally arrived. The icy cold wind was blowing so strongly, that everything obstructing was thrown instantly. The tall trees were swaying from side to side, bundles golden, brown and red leaves were falling upon the bare ground. The crumpling sound of the leaves attracted Nadia’s attention. She was amazed by the bright coloured leaves, planning ideas for her future art project. Nadia, a sixteen year old had attended a Henna function for the first time. Nadia and her family walked towards the door of the hall, where the function was to take place. It had been a completely new experience for Nadia. Nadia had caught a glimpse of Yasmin walking towards the hall. As Yasmin had entered the room, crowds of people obstructed her view, but Nadia had a clear sight of Yasmin. Yasmin, the bride was walking slowly into the hall, wearing a yellow lehngha (skirt) with glittering golden embroidery. The embroidery was towards the top of the lehngha and at the bottom like a border. Her shimmering top had red and gold coloured embroidery in the middle. She looked like a model posing. At a Henna function it is traditional for the bride to wear the colour yellow or golden. The drole of the drum was getting louder and louder, with the beat gradually getting faster. There were two lines of girls waiting for Yasmin to pass by. They were holding little baskets with party poppers and flowers inside. Included in this line Nadia and her cousins. People looked left and right, up and down, to see where the beat of the drum was coming from. The drummer was at the front, slowly walking and behind was Yasmin. A yellow shimmering sheet with golden threads at each corner of the sheet was carried over Yasmin’s head by her two brothers, Wasim and Aseem. The other two people at the other corners were Yasmin’s friends Tara and Saira. Slowly, as they approached the middle of the hall, pink, white and red flowers were thrown over as they all passed, to

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