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Marijuana in general has always been frowned upon in the United States for quite some time now. However, most Americans do not know about the great beneficial side of the plant that may aid citizens that contain a health problem or psychological disease. Hemp (cannabis in Latin) is a plant first began cultivating man. Towards 3700 B.C. cultivation had expanded from their area of birth in China, to India, and the Middle East , the Nile Valley and Eastern Europe, and elsewhere, in America and in Sub-Saharan Africa where it is a native species . In the first century AD, Pen Ching , a collection which reflected the legacy of thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine and speaks widely on the properties of hemp (which basically are the same that are known today). Regarding the Western Mediterranean amphorae have been found with traces of cannabis in Carthaginian war ships sunk during the First Punic War . And we know that in imperial Rome cannabis cost more expensive than opium. Hemp is one of the most used in traditional European Pharmacopoeia since the Middle Ages to the twentieth century substances in the pharmaceutical industry , with its synthetic derivatives and compounds , wins the pulse traditional substances. After thousands of years of coexistence with humanity without problems, cannabis prohibition for the first time in the United States in 1937 with the Marijuana Tax Act since fierce repression and propaganda campaign has tarnished the image of the plant in the eyes much of world opinion . In recent years , there have been some new discoveries about the therapeutic applications for diseases of our time (AIDS and cancer) and have re-discovered many of the known for thousands of years for applications other ailments... ... middle of paper ... ... where there were also statistically significant for Sativex met. The study involved 297 diabetic neuropathy patients. Those taking Sativex showed a mean improvement in pain of 30 percent and a third of them reached more than 50 response. However, the test results are difficult to interpret because of the abnormal huge variety of responses in group placebo . Although all measurements comparing it with placebo Sativex were friendly, did not reach statistical significance. From my studies on this medicinal plant, I believe that even if a person does not agree with the use of marijuana we should all conclude that this can reduce many health risks and aid or even possibly cure diseases. Further research will prove a point on why this plant cannot be set aside and be replaced by harmful pills that are chemically altered and cause further damage or impose greater risks.

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