Hemp: Marijuana's Innocent Cousin

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single growers of hemp must have a license to be able to export, plant, process, import, or sell it. Farmers of hemp have to give the GPS location of the fields, also. People who grow hemp need to record their productions and to whom they distribute the products. To make sure that the THC level of hemp does not exceed the legal amount, samples of the hemp can be tested in labs or by samplers who are approved by the government. Also, for a person to be granted a license to grow hemp, their background can be checked if necessary. To avoid children under the age of eighteen from coming into contact with hemp, the growers must be prohibited from planting cannabis sativa near facilities that many young persons attend such as schools and day care centers (www.agebb.missouri.edu). There are a plethora of benefits of legalizing hemp. The cannabis sativa could thrive in the markets of oil and health foods. The fatty acids in hemp oil are well balanced, and serve as a good source for healthy food or body-care products. Cannabis sativa's oil merchandise can be a strong competitor for other items that contain natural oils because it can last longer if not in use; in other words, its expiration date would be later than the other products. The oil from hemp can also be used to create better lube oils and inks, paints, and sealants for wood (www.agebb.missouri.edu). Vehicles, too, can benefit from the legalization of hemp. Textiles made from hemp can be more light weight, more recyclable, and more fire-resistant (www.agebb.missouri.edu). The lighter the vehicle, the better fuel efficiency it has. In addition, the fiberglass used to make vehicle parts today is more expensive than hemp Tapia 7 fibers (www.huffpost.com). Vehicle parts ... ... middle of paper ... ...who would be unemployed, money would be circulating within the United States, and the environment's health would greatly improve if hemp was legalized and made an available resource for the people of America. Of course, there are reasons why it is illegal and why people believe that it should be kept that way, but there are even better reasons to contravene those arguments and convince people that it should be distinguished from marijuana and become a legal resource to use. Many states are already prepared to begin their farming of hemp; the only thing that they are waiting on is the federal government to finally give them the permission that they need to do so. Hemp is the ultimate plant that could give the U.S. positive results in different, physical and non-physical, areas of the nation, so why should it be kept illegal and not available for its use by the people?

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