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Functionality and durability are major factors when selecting any countertop. However, when selecting bathroom vanity tops, you also want to keep in mind that you need to select a style of countertop that will complement the décor of your bathroom. Doing this will help to enhance the overall ambiance of your bathroom space and will help to make your bathroom a stunning looking area that welcomes anyone who comes to use it.

Making a Statement

Bathroom vanity tops are designed in many different styles and made from a variety of materials. When selecting the best top for your bathroom, you need to find one that will reflect your own unique personality.

If you are leaning towards creating a contemporary style in your bathroom, you will want to select a stainless steel or glass countertop. The reason for this is that these materials tend to tie a contemporary styled bathroom together with a simple elegance that makes the entire space look fabulous.

For those bathrooms that are more traditional in style, you will want to choose a natural stone or marble countertop for the vanity. This is because of the fact that these types of countertops tend to complement the darker wood finishes usually found on bathroom vanity cabinets that are installed in classical bathroom settings.

Granite Bathroom Vanity Tops

Many homeowners like the look of granite countertops and these tops provide excellent durability for a great price. One thing to keep in mind about granite bathroom vanity tops that differs from kitchen countertops is that bathroom counter tops are usually only about three-quarters of an inch thick while kitchen countertops are over one and one-quarter inches thick. With that in mind though, it is hard to match the beau...

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...ill be able to easily find a top that will be ideal for your bathroom vanity. Then as you select your bathroom vanity tops, you are sure to create a stunning looking bathroom space that is guaranteed to add value to your home.


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