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The word help has one meaning, but many ways of expression. Help means to be of use; you can be useful orally, physically, or in a donative manner. How much or how less you become a use of to others does not matter. Any form of use is a use; therefore any type, or amount of help, is still labeled help. When giving a service to someone it can bring relief, answers, happiness, nutrition, direction, or advice to someone. The emotions that you get from other's gratitude towards you can be miniscule or big enough to brighten your day. Helping someone can benefit whom you are assisting and or yourself. Seeing a person’s face that you have availed could turn out to be a priceless feeling. Giving answers to someone may at first seem like a form of cheating rather than a form of helping. When students ask the teacher what is the solution to a problem they cannot resolve, giving them the answer to it, with the after effect that the students realize their mistake, can help them never to repeat that fault again. With the verbal help of the teacher then could stick in their mind, and when someone else has that same question, the students themselves can help others with that problem. Teachers always quote,” If you have a question, then mostly likely someone else has the same question too.” Counseling someone and lying out their options in front of them to draw them out of the wrong decisions can be a life changing remedy. You can turn alcoholics and drug addicts into healthy individuals; you can turn suicidal and depressed patients into humans with positive well-being, and you can even apathetic kids into successful adults. Verbally telling people to their face of what mistakes they have encountered can be overwhelming, but advising them of a... ... middle of paper ... ...s old laptops, or game councils can turn into the perfect gift for Christmas. The old jackets that people have stocked up in the attic can turn into someone else's warmth through the winter. Used or new, commodities given away can help others and yourself by cleaning out your closet or whole house. Time is also another thing that comes expensive to many. However, time is manageable and can be scheduled. You can take time out of your day to ask someone how they are feeling or what’s on their mind. This may not seem like help but how many chances do people get to let their feelings out to others. Giving an ear to someone whose day might not be so bright, can possible help them express what is wrong and cause them to overcome their obstacle. Listening to someone can lift a burden off that person by letting them project their feelings out and refreshing their mind.
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