Hello Ladies Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft (Visual) Hello Ladies, started off the 2010 Old Spice campaign, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, with this appealing greeting to the lady viewers. After research, the Old Spice team found that just about 60% of all men body wash purchases were by women, which meant the wives and girlfriends were the ones buying the body wash their men use. Old Spice also recognized that during the early 2000s bar soap had started to be replaced by men’s body wash, thus creating a very competitive market and an opportunity for Old Spice to advertise their product. The central persuasion motive of their commercial was to appeal to the women audience, who actually buys the body wash, although Old Spice is advertising a men’s…show more content…
The commercial starts in an ordinary tile bathroom where stands a confident man with a noticeably toned, strong body with nothing but a towel hanging around his hips. This man asks the women watching to look at their man (their husband or boyfriend), then to look back at him, then back to their man, and then back at him again. With this comparison the Old Spice man is making, he creates ethos or credibility for himself by pointing out that the man sitting next to the women watching is not as good looking as him. The Old Spice man also agrees that the woman’s man isn’t him, but that “he could smell like me.” Pathos also comes into play here as this comparison creates feelings of disgust and abhorrence towards their now unattractive man. As the ad continues the setting changes to a lavish boat where the man has in hand “two tickets to that thing you love,” which suggests he is able to provide any women’s wishes. This leads the audience to feel that if their man smelt like the Old Spice man, he would be able to be as attractive, successful, and charming as him. The women watching want their man to be like this man, leading them to buy the body
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