Hellers Case Study

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Individual Assessment On Hellers

1. Critically analyze the principles of strategic management using Hellers the organization in the case study provided. Market Penetration provides a firm with information necessary to understand its position in the market. A company 's market share is frequently used as a performance measure. It assists marketing managers to focus efforts that help a firm to grow its market share or to maintain its market dominance (Cross, 2016)
Market penetration was carried out by Hellers to further increase the success of their products in the market. Hellers choose to increase market penetration using penetration strategies such as greater promotional
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Strategic management tools allow businesses to avoid potential problems in the market and take advantage of predictable opportunities. Strategic management planning is often done with analytical tools. (Scilly, 2016)
There are many kinds of tools that are available for an organization to use in strategic marketing management. This tools help the company such as Hellers to achieve their business goals and navigate their business for best result. This models have distinct purpose that result in significant good marketing when it is conducted properly. The following tools are used by Hellers in their strategic marketing
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The forces are existing competition between suppliers, threat of new entrants to the market, the bargaining power of buyers, the power of suppliers, and the threat of competitive products or services. This clearly seen as mentioned from the case that their partner Simpatico “run a number of affinity research groups, focusing on the behavior of its consumer.” With the used of this tool this result showed Hellers that the perception force of the buyer is important for the organization as basis for the strategies in marketing. Porter’s Five forces tool will give a total understanding of how their brands are shaping the industry that they are trading with. Another importance is aside from the consumer, suppliers also consider to ensure that they be able to sustain their targets of producing 350 tons of sausages in 80 different varieties a week with bacon, ham and other services.
Ansoff matrix This model is essential for strategic marketing planning where it can be applied to look at opportunities to grow revenue for a business through developing new products and services or "tapping into" new markets. It is used to evaluate opportunities for companies to increase their sales through showing alternative combinations for new markets against products and services. Where the matrix suggests four alternative marketing strategies (Hanlon,
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