Helen Keller Accomplishments

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Have you ever considered being blind, and deaf for your whole life? Sounds pretty inconceivable right? As for Helen Keller this was just an everyday battle that she had to face. During a very unexpected time when Helen was little, Helen and her family had to undergo some serious changes. Helen and her family adjusted to these new and undesirable changes in several different ways. Such as Helen having a private tutor, or Helen learning how to read and write. Helen Keller was an inspiration to the world inspiring many people around her by all of the great achievements despite all of her disabilities. Helen Adams Keller was a strong, powerful, individual that accomplished many great achievements during her hard, …show more content…
The text says, “In her nineteenth month, she suffered a high fever that left her deaf and blind. Until she was seven years old, Keller had no formal instruction” (Helen Adams Keller 1). When Helen Keller was little, her and her family experienced devastating news. They were told that Helen would no longer be able to see or hear. Helen caused a big stress on her family because she could not communicate with any of them. Eventually, she learned how to do some manual signs to communicate but it still put a strain on their family. As a result of Helen becoming blind and deaf, Helen soon became the main priority in the Keller household. Helen was spoiled and was taking time away from the rest of the family. Causing mild frustration, the family agreed to seek out help for their daughter, Helen. Prior to Anne Sullivan, Helen had a very hard time controlling herself because Helen had little to no discipline. Having Helen’s mom give Helen no strict discipline, Helen behaved poorly and caused many messes during her and her family's eating time. Before Helen did not know how to read or write, she had no formal way of communication. Helen would put her fingers in other people’s mouths to try to figure out what they were saying. Helen would also put her fingers in people’s food and she would scratch the guests unaware of what she was doing (Marlow…show more content…
Anne Sullivan, Helen’s private tutor, soon began to teach Helen new concepts, allowing her to give Helen strict discipline. Helen soon learned the manual alphabet and eventually learned that everything she touched had a name (Helen Adams Keller 1). After Helen learned about these new things while having these disabilities, she soon became famous around the world and known for being the best blind deaf person ever known (Helen Adams Keller 1). After Helen learned how to read and write, Helen started writing poems and letters in her diary. Soon enough, Alexander Graham Bell and Anagnos published these entries causing Helen to go viral (Helen Adams Keller 1). After her entries became published, Helen attended the Wright-Humason so she can improve her lipreading techniques. After attending Wright-Humason, Helen attended Cambridge School so she can be prepared for attending Radcliffe College (Helen Adams Keller 2). After college, Helen received her B.A. Cum Laude and began to communicate more advanced using raised letters and braille (Helen Adams Keller 2). After finishing college, Helen Keller published a total of 14 books and one of those books was in dedication of her teacher Anne Sullivan. Anne Sullivan attended school with Helen but could not help her frequently causing Helen to become an independent

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