Hedda Gabler

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In Henrick Ibsen’s play Hedda Gabler, Hedda is a miserable, and manipulative person who always believed she was above everyone else. Although she made it clear she did not love any of the men in the play, she did have relationships with each man. Tesman, Hedda’s husband, served her as an ATM machine. Eilert Lovborg was a past friend Hedda had deeper feelings with and Judge Brack was the only man in the play Hedda confessed the truth to. Hedda’s relationship with each man played a big factor in her life and ultimately her death. Hedda was pushing thirty and unfortunately running out of money so she decided marry Tesman because she knew he was foolish enough to try to make her as happy as possible. Tesman is a momma’s boy and lacks any real creativity but is great at organizing other peoples work. Hedda thought Tesman was boring and uneventful and treated him as if he was her personal waiter. Hedda’s selfish actions completely disregard the feelings of others and this becomes apparent when she burns Lovborgs manuscript Tesman was holding on to. When she tells Tesman he asked in anger, “How could you have gone and done something so appalling?”(1458). Hedda responded wit “I did it for your sake, George”(1458). Hedda was not doing any favor for her husband but was only doing it for her own mean satisfaction. In fact she never called her husband George unless she was trying to manipulate him in some way. Tesman is so blind to Hedda’s manipulative nature that he responded with joy, “Hedda- Oh, is this true?- What you’re saying?… I never noticed that you loved me in this way before”(1458). This disgusted Hedda because she was not truthfully trying to please Tesman and his reaction was one of excitement. With Hedda’s cold manipulati... ... middle of paper ... ...on to her problems. Hedda’s relationship with all three men ultimately created a life she was unhappy with thus leading her closer to her death. Her husband, who is suppose to the love of a young wives life meant nothing to Hedda. She treated Tesman as if he was her servant and used him to get whatever she wanted. But her selfishness came back to bite her because she felt completely condemned to life with Tesman which was boring and uneventful. Lovborg was the closest to loving a man who wasn't her father Hedda ever had but she pushed him away and ultimately helped Lovborg’s death arrive sooner then intended by giving him her pistol. One of Hedda’s major mistakes was confiding in Judge Brack who pushed Hedda to suicide by threading to expose she gave Lovborg the pistol if she didn't do as he said. All these relationships lead Hedda to her inevitable death.
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