Hector And Achilles: A Comparison Of Hector Vs. Achilles

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Comparison of Hector vs. Achilles Since the beginning of time there have always been great heroes in many different societies throughout the world. Heroes have many great qualities and characteristics about them that make the hero unique. Heroes stand out in society though there actions, abilities, and intellectual superiority. In literature, many characters possess these great skills. Many characters in stories want glory, fame, and ultimately to be remembered. These characters are attention grabbers to a reader. It makes the reader curious and wondering whether that character will succeed or fail. In the Iliad, such characters are seen in the story as the heroes or men of action. The Iliad is a work of literature about the war between the…show more content…
They both were great warriors and won many battles before they were defeated. Both were considered heroes of their time but there reasons for fighting are very different. Hector is heroic because he decides to leave for the war, even though he does not want to leave his family. Hector does not want to leave his child fatherless and not be there for his wife but he knows that he must ultimately do what will help protect his countrymen. Hector is the type of warrior that can fight when he wants to but has feelings and care for other people. Achilles shows no mercy against his opponents in the story. He taunts them and says that it is there time to die and his time is not today. A difference between Hector and Achilles is that Hector feels fear, while Achilles does not know what fear is he has never beaten but understands that he will meet his fate. Achilles has more of an evil emotion shown when he stabs Hectors body after Hector was killed. Hector motive for fighting is way different than Achilles. Achilles is searching for glory and to be remembered. Achilles is selfish since he would not take of his people only himself. Hector only fights to protect the people of Troy. Both men show there heroics by the authority they have over their army. Both men provide the reader with idea of great courage and valiancy. In the poem, Hector promises Achilles that he will give up his corpse to the Achaeans if he is defeated. Nut Achilles doesn’t do the same he says: ' 'Lions don 't come to with men ,nor does the wolf see eye to eye with the lamp ,they are enemies to the end . It is the same with you and me .friendship between up is impossible, and there will be no truce of any line till one of us has fallen and gluled the stubborn god of better with is blood."(Homer ) Achilles doesn’t show honor Hector when he is dead until Priam comes and begs for the proper burial be giving to his son. Then you

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