Heck No Genetic Modified Organisms!

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Heck No GMO! GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. These plants have been modified in laboratories to enhance production and have more resistance to herbicides. According to USDA and ISSA (International Service of acquisitions of Agri-biotec Applications) and Biotechnology Industry Organization, the most common genetically modified products are: almost all corn and corn products, tomatoes, cantaloupes, soybeans, and soy derivatives, sugar beets, cotton products, processed vegetable oils, breakfast cereals, and most other highly processed foods as well as baby foods. In 2000, thirteen countries grew genetically engineered crops; of these U.S. produced the majority at sixty-eight percent. Globally acreage of GM products has increased twenty-five times in the first five years. One-hundred and nine million acres were devoted to genetically modified products; ninety-nine millions of those acres were from the U.S alone. The U.S. is the largest producer of genetically modified crops. It is not required in the U.S. for genetically modified foods to be labeled, even though polls show that 90% of Americans want to know if there food has been genetically engineered. (Yes on 37) So many Americans do not even realize how much GM products they are consuming. Labeling of GM foods has been a large controversy around the world. says that “fifty countries around the world, representing more than 40% of the world’s population already require GMO labeling.” There have been several efforts to change this like Proposition 37, the California Right to know Genetically Engineered Food Act, which requires clear labeling of GMOs. We all have the right to know what’s in our food so who would want to run a “no” campaign against i... ... middle of paper ... ... out of business. Lisa Archer points out “there are quite a few companies out there that have made this transition. Frito-Lay, for example is sourcing non-GM ingredients, Gerber baby food is also.” (WebMD) There are many others listed on Archer’s non-profit website “Friends of the Earth Organization. America is the largest producer of these GM products, most countries have banned them either completely or partially these include: Germany, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland, India and Thailand. The countries that have not yet banned them have considered it. We as Americans need to value are health more, we need to lean that quality is more important than quantity. If more people bought organic products maybe we could close down at least one of Monsanto’s large corporation farms, we are worth that forty cense more.
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