Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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Joseph Conrad polish colonial worked as a seaman on French and British ships before becoming a British citizen in 1886. He developed an elegant, stunning English prose style what probed many of the modern fiction in his short stories and novels. His works ware by turns adventurous and darkly gloomy, attentive in the traditional qualities of resoluteness and bravery. Also, it concerned with the epistemological voids that define modern reality and awareness. It noted one of the most experts of fictional impressionism. Conrad offered that type of fictional rendering of subjective retort that reflectively impact on writers. However, the experiences of his life as a sailor greatly influenced his writing. He wrote that the principal task of the novelist was “Heart of Darkness”.
Joseph Conrad was born Jozef Teodor Konrad in Berdichev, Poland, in 1857. He grew up in the Polish Ukraine, a large society, abundant plain between Russia and Poland. It was a separated nation with four languages, four religions, and a number of diverse social classes. A division of the Polish speaking populations, including Conrad’s family, fitted to the szlachta, a genetics class in the nobility of the social hierarchy, uniting the qualities of gentry and dignity. They had political authority and notwithstanding their underprivileged state.
Conrad parents were well educated in that time, but they had to struggle and strived for rest of life because of participating with political group. Conrad’s father, Apollo Korzeniowski studied for six years at St. Petersburg University, which he left before earning a degree. Also he was a word translator and writer. Conrad’s mother, Eva Bobrowska was thirteen years younger than Apollo and the only surviving daughter in h...

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...he complicated relation between subjectivity and epistemology. On the other hand, Joseph Conrad was remembered for a novel like “Heart of Darkness”, which drew on his experience as a mariner and addressed profound themes of nature and existence as well.
In many ways “Heart of Darkness” was a provisional novel between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Later on many of them were taken it as an adventure novel and started stage performances all over the world. The idea of a horror so terrible it could not be named was a nineteenth century mentality, as was the idea of anthropophagy as an extraordinary horror. The book was meanings as a lead in to the twentieth century for a number of reasons. One of the most important aspects was tied to twentieth-century susceptibilities as the sense of cultural belief, awareness of the irrational and of the insensible mind.
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