Healthy Living Interventions

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The following presents an analysis of previous research conducted about healthy living interventions and their effectiveness in changing exercise and eating habits of individuals or reducing the prevalence of obesity within a community. Previous research shows that while nutrition focused programs have only been implemented in large populations, these interventions are associated with reduced rates of obese adults (Roos, Lean, & Anderson, 2002; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2010). Furthermore, exercise based interventions are considered highly effective for inducing weight loss in obese individuals (Anderson et al., 2001; Shaw et al., 2009). However, no studies compared the effectiveness of nutritional only programs with exercise focused interventions. This proposed study may help to provide evidence so that leaders and healthcare professionals can choose appropriate programs for a population.

What else remains to be known

This study proposes to evaluate the effectiveness of a healthy cooking and eating program when compared with a community based exercise group in terms of reducing obesity. The lack of substantial research relating to cooking education and paucity of studies comparing culinary and exercise interventions shows that the proposed study will fill a gap in existing literature. Furthermore, health professionals need to know which community based interventions are most effective to combat the rising rate of adult overweight and obesity. As Economos & Irish-Hauser (2007) stated, “to date, few research-based community interventions have addressed obesity, despite the need for this work emphasized in the literature” (p. 136). With this research, more information will be available to public h...

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...officials to combat the obesity epidemic.

Re-evaluating the research questions

Although this literature review revealed the need for larger community interventions, the researchers still see a need for conducting the proposed study. The proposed study originally used the following as research questions:

What effects will an exercise program or nutrition intervention have on participants’ weight?

What long term effects will each intervention have on participants’ well-being?

While research has been conducted about the effectiveness of structured exercise, few studies exist that provide data about the use of community based exercise programs (Anderson et al., 2001). In addition, as a need exists for further research about the effectiveness of dietary interventions compared to exercise, there will be no changes to the research questions at this time.

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