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Every person is different in his own way, but is branded as products of his parents and his setting. People are put through trials and tribulations in their life that are hard to overcome. These trials and tribulations begin after a person is born and affect a person’s way of life. Depending on the person, the hard aches can be fatal if he or she doesn’t handle them right. Some people push through; however, others can’t take failure and start living an unhealthy life. People who start to live unhealthy begin to take that lifestyle as a habit and not just a comfort for his or her failure. When people develop unhealthy habits, health problems begin to show. After the issues are presented some people look for a way out, a way to healthy living. The process to living healthy is to have an idea of what healthy living means, to eat healthy, to exercise properly, and to be connected with your spiritual health.
Depending on one’s age he or she may take healthy living in a different way. However, all ages are looking towards the end of their life. For instance, Caleb Austin (age 16) Devante Franklin (age 25) and Francis Austin (age 70) all said, “Healthy living means that they get to live a little longer.” Age is not the only piece that conflicts with a person’s thoughts on healthy living. People like Ms. Rachael Banks, who has had type-2 diabetes and is anemic, say, “Healthy

Austin 2 living is a lifestyle.” Everything a person is put through can make them change his or her mind on what healthy living means to them.
Every person knows that he or she should eat healthy, but most of them don’t know what eating healthy means. People don’t know about the key ingredients in food that are healthy and that are unhealthy. What, when, and how mu...

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...ce to recognize themselves or others. When a person practices these techniques they begin to not only be in touch with themselves, but with the world that surrounds them. When one becomes in touch with his or her spirituality he or she begin to realize that most of his or her life is something that he or she cannot control. A person will become less stressed when he meditates on a decision before making one. When stress is taken out of a person’s life they will live a healthy life.
A person must live a healthy life, whether that means they live longer or they feel better about themselves. Living healthy is essential in a person’s life and can save a person from a deadly situation. When a person lives healthily, they are showing that they love themselves and are disciplined. Change your lifestyle for the better; you will learn to love yourself and others will follow.

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