Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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USC’s community goes to substantial extents to ensure that their students feel comfortable on campus. Unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle is often neglected on campus due to the party scene, extensive costs, and inefficient gym. Although parties function as a social outlet for students, they often lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. The USC community attempts to prevent harm from coming to its students through superfluous means. For example, students are aware of the fact that they have campus cruiser and uber for all emergencies. This means they do not have to worry about getting home safely, a designated driver, or being reported to the police. This assurance of safety generates a sense of freedom to party irresponsibly. This elimination of fear of authority and danger often leads students to drink to dangerous…show more content…
Stress often leads to over-eating and under-eating. Alike, these scenarios may cause serious health risks. Overeating may result in one becoming overweight or obese, which may engender other issues develop. For example, obesity is often linked to the development of heart disease (Eckel). Heart disease requires extensive medical care that will cost an individual even more money. This vicious cycle is never ending and leads to a very unsafe lifestyle on campus. The USC community’s health is further being disregarded by the Lyon Center. In theory, the gym is a great way to stay in shape while making close connections with classmates. Alas, the gym’s condition often incites competition and simple frustration. With limited machines that are mostly out of order, people often have to wait around to use the machine for a mere few minutes. Standing around is not convenient when students have a lot of other tasks to complete, so they often leave the gym without a proper workout. Months without a proper workout leads people to gain weight and lead an unhealthy
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