Healthy Food vs Unhealthy Food for Our Children

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We have all been there, on the couch with remote in hand and flipping through the channels on your television. Suddenly stopping on a channel displaying a portly child no older than 5 years old, but still appears to be the size of a grossly overweight 8 year old. You can’t help but stop and feel woeful as you focus in on the story being told about this poor child that suffers from extreme levels of obesity, and the limits to daily activities which a normal child of such age group could participate in. The story progresses to show you the activities of the average day in the life of this child, most of which involve snacking on junk food and unhealthy meal portions and content. One meal usually contains more food than most people would consume over the course of many days. The amount of unhealthy junk food and fast food taken in by this child’s system during the course of a day is more than a doctor would be recommended for the average adult of the course of a month. The saddest part to this story is it’s not the child’s fault; they have no idea of the health risk that is being imposed on their bodies. This life style is all they know, and if this is the building foundation to their life, what chance do they have to live happy healthy productive lives? While this might be an extreme case of obesity, and by no means the average level of obesity that face our society, it defiantly represents a good example of the issues that obesity present in not just our children’s lives but also in adults lives as well! How many of you, remember learning about the food pyramid back in school? Now how many you were able to make the choices of what your meals consisted of at home? If your households were anything like mine, the choice of what was ... ... middle of paper ... ...cial limitations. The cost of eating healthy is especially important in today’s economy where many families are on a budget and can’t afford to endure the high price of healthy eating. Creating a program such as the ones stated above could really help to adjust the cost of eating healthy, by reducing farmers cost and increasing the availability of fresh organic food choices. Instilling healthier eating and lifestyles could greatly reduce the cost of health care and insurance cost across the board. This could create a healthy foundation for our kids to grow up with the knowledge of how to have healthier eating habits, and live longer more productive lives. This may not be the only step to creating a healthier society, but with proper action, could be one that leads to many in an effort to better ourselves as a country and build a better future for our children.

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