Healthy Food Lifestyle Essay

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While I believe that foods of this nature are acceptable to eat once in a while, one 's diet should not consist of these foods on a regular basis due to obvious health risks as mentioned earlier. By the same token that a healthy and balanced diet is absolutely essential to a healthy food lifestyle, maintaining a healthy exercise routine is just as important. It is known that exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind, and it can help a person to feel more peaceful, happy, promote better sleep, and can even alleviate mild forms of depression or low self-esteem. According to the website titled "," the consumption of a healthy diet along with regular exercise "can lead to a host of benefits, including increased energy, happiness, health and even a long life" ( Some few simple, yet highly effective exercises that one could incorporate into their day include, walking,…show more content…
While this is often times true in busy people 's lives, taking a couple of minutes out of one 's day to carry out an effortless exercise or to eat a more nutritious meal can result in much more long-term benefits, such as preventing diseases, a prolonging one 's life, and maintaining one 's well-being, than choosing not to. The other main issue opponents of this health philosophy might bring up involve the convenience or time saving aspect and low cost of fast food, which diminishes the incentive to maintain active or spend additional money on more nutritious foods. However, one 's health is worth going a few blocks out of the way and today there are healthy alternatives available, such as low cost salads which cost just as much if not less than a meal at a fast food

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