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It is nearly impossible to turn on the television or radio and not be hit with advertisements introducing the latest fast food trend – fresh and healthy food options. More often, the media bombards us with slogans such as Subway’s common pitch to “eat fresh” or McDonald’s million-dollar advertisement campaign to try the new fruit and walnut salad. Attention has made an abrupt turn from the greasy, deep-fried originals at the fast food chains to more health conscious food choices. Even a documentary of a man named Morgan Spurlock made headlines and won awards when he ate McDonald’s three times a day for a month and publicized the effects through a movie called Super Size Me. Shortly after Super Size Me caught high publicity attention, McDonald’s has introduced three “garden fresh salads.” Other popular fast food chains were not far behind the healthy menu options McDonald’s has offered, and soon numerous salad, yogurt, fruit, and grilled chicken food items popped up on every fast food menu. The message is simple; people are becoming too fat due to the consumption of fast food. Therefore, obesity and the demand for fresh, quick food service have increased the popularity of health conscious food selections on fast food menus.
Obesity, especially child obesity, is becoming more of an epidemic concern among society today and commonly linked to fast food. Recent data suggest that nearly fifteen percent of U.S. youngsters and almost one-third of adults are obese; and everyday nearly one-third of these U.S. children aged four to nineteen eat fast food. Yale University obesity researcher Kelly Brownell said, “Fast food contributes to increased calorie intake and obesity risk in children” (CBS News). No wonder parents are becoming concerned with the options children have when facing a fast food menu. Parent complaints are not enough of influence to entice the big-ticket fast food joints to make a healthy switch, however, lawsuits is. The nation's obesity epidemic has focused attention on fast-restaurants, and while recent class-action lawsuits attempting to blame McDonald's Corp. for making people fat have failed, many chains have begun offering healthier fare in fear of lawsuits (CBS News).
A growing concern with on-the-go food consumers is the freshness and dietary guidelines that go into their diet. Tight schedules make people spend m...

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...r, are not the causes for the change – it just happens to fit in perfectly with the scenario. Obesity and freshness have provoked a new health trend in fast food, and it is no secret with all the advertisements. So dare to super size an order of healthy fast food – a once considered oxymoron now becoming more of a reality.

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