Healthy Diet Pill Case Study

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One in four Australian adult had obesity problem according to the survey, suggesting a huge market of weight loss product in this country (One in four Australian adults obese 2011). The target market for Healthy Potion diet pill will be middle age women, based on a research which shows that they are more aware of and interested in such kind of product (Gray et al. 2003). This case study develops and discussing a marketing plan using the 4Ps, presenting the recommendation of how to differentiate the product, skim pricing, online retail and promotion by means of social media. Product It is recommended that Healthy Potion develop the diet pill with core product of allowing consumers to eat whatever they want without suppressing their appetite…show more content…
Once general public switch its tendency towards complementary medicine, our core product will be weaken and there will be little chance for our product to survive. Nevertheless, Alexander and Phillips (2015) indicated that such kind of dietary supplement can still be favourable by providing more accurate information such as test conducted by acknowledged third party institution without involving interest conflict, validating diet pill’s quality, thus solidify our actual product. These threats can also be tackle by engage more interactive activities with potential customers in a way of offering reliable consultation of purchase decision and advices of using it (Ballantine 2005). This can be an effective way to build our augmented product, which will be illustrated in the promotion…show more content…
The reason why employ such strategy is that research among women also shows that women tend to be loyal and profitable customer for those company enjoying a positive word of mouth, therefore generating relatively high satisfaction in the consumption and providing a better return for the producer, both in monetary aspect and company’s reputation (Barletta 2004). Additionally, as mentioned above in the price part, such diet pill is able to highly differentiate itself from other product in the market, accompanied with the characteristics that it is a new product and the possibility that higher cost, compared with just combining the sachet with water, is likely to be generated because of the limitation of scale, thus skimming over the low-price pricing strategy can be a wise choice to made (Schoell and Guiltinan 1995). Yet skim pricing may also lead to lower current sales and fail to entirely fulfil the market potential (Noble and Gruca 1999), leading to a unfavourable situation of failing to achieving profit maximization. Furthermore, there is survey indicates that for this type of weight-control product, it is the strategy of reducing price that tend to be the efficient way for improve sales (French et al.

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