Healthcare Teams

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A healthcare team is made up of many different disciplines. For successful patient outcomes, the teams need to come together, communicate effectively, and be open to new ideas and viewpoints. It is important not only for the nurse to work side-by-side with other nurses, but to collaborate with patients and other professions in the health care system as well. All members of the healthcare team can benefit from the teams different backgrounds and experiences, which results in better care for the patient. In this paper, I will discuss the importance of communication skills, patient and nurse empowerment, and professional development.
Inter and Intradisciplinary Teams
In nursing the intradisciplinary team is comprised of the nurse manager, nursing supervisor, charge nurse, bedside nurse, and the nursing assistant. The intradisciplinary team works together to make a better working environment, improved patient satisfaction, and better patient outcomes. Better outcomes for the patient can be accomplished by having groups such as, shared governance and journal club. In shared governance, the nurses collaborate on different ideas to make their unit better. On my unit, shared governance focuses on education, finance, quality of work life, and research and development. Journal club allows nurses to discuss medical and patient topics amongst their peers. Through these activities, patient care is improved by working together to find the best way to care for patients.
The interdisciplinary team consists of the nursing staff along with other disciplines. This could consist of the admitting doctor, physical therapist, and the radiologist. In order for the patient to have a successful outcome, it is important for everyone to work t...

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