Healthcare System In Hong Kong Case Study

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For many years, Hong Kong built up a quality of healthcare system, by ensuring the profession and ethics. Hong Kong’s level of quality in healthcare is among the top using indicators such as life expectancy and infant mortality rate. However, it is facing economic burden and challenges. If we disregard this set of quality throughout the healthcare system in the foreseeable future is bound to be a serious setback, it is difficult to continue to provide quality medical services, and cannot maintain its remarkable achievements. In Hong Kong, no one will be denied treatment because of poverty is the underlining principle of the healthcare system. Hong Kong citizens can only pay little money then you can receive premium medical services. According to the research, the average life expectancy of men and women ranks first in the world, It was 80.3 years for males and 86.3 years for females. The cost for this achievement is the huge amount of investment from the government. For the 7 million populations in Hong Kong, to maintain the smooth operation, funds need to invest about 44 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is 92% of the total investment of nonprofit medical institutions or 17% of the costs for the Government's annual recurrent expenditure, accounting for5% of GDP in Hong Kong.
Challenges of the existing healthcare system
First, the increasing demand of healthcare service is the biggest challenge. The changes in the structure of population, the rapid aging population and the diseases related to the lifestyle are the main reasons for such increase in demand. According to the Census and Statistics Department, the proportion of elderly (65year old or above) will be doubled from 1:8 in 2007 to 1:4 in 2033. We can see tha...

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...e to public health. Therefore, the remaining portion of the private health care resources, public health care to digest absorb the pressure of this public-private partnership is a viable option. Provided that the private health care varies greatly, and the lacks of price transparency, to the proper use of public-private partnership, the government strengthen the supervision of private health care, private health care and increase the transparency of fees cannot be avoided.

The Government of Hong Kong's long-term planning has been expected aging population increasingly serious public health system in Hong Kong will bring greater pressure, coupled with advances in medical standards so patients get the treatment and survival continues to improve, therefore, the public remains the level of demand for high-quality public health care is unlikely to decline.
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