Healthcare Reforms: A Healthier America

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According to the National Patient Advocate Foundation (2012), “Medical expenses are contributing factors in over 62% of individual (as opposed to business) bankruptcy filings, and the number of bankruptcy filings attributing medical debt as a significant factor is increasing” (p. 1). Medical care is expensive, and it is also on the rise. Many people, whether being insured or not, are unable to pay for their medical bills so that they can obtain the care they need to live a healthy and prosperous life. While it is true that there are insurance programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act for the poor, elderly, and disabled, millions are continue to be uninsured. As a nation, the United States should provide all citizens with some form of health care coverage. Even coverage as simple as preventative care can help lower the chances of chronic diseases, therefore, also lowering the need for overly expensive medical bills, bankruptcy rates, and improve the nation’s overall health as a whole. Affordability is a crucial factor when it comes to the topic of health care. Millions of individuals are uninsured, causing them to neglect their own health conditions. Among those who are insured, it is estimated that 1 in 3 are unable to keep up with the cost, often ending up in debt when illness strikes (Pollitz & Cox, 2014, p. 1). While Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act continues to provide coverage to those who are eligible, problems continue to persist. Brian D. Caswell (2013), former president of the Kansas Pharmacy Association, saw flaws in the newly instituted act. He claims that “Many people will get insurance cards, but will not have a clue what’s covered, what is not covered, and what they are supposed t... ... middle of paper ... ...3). “Millions gaining health care coverage today under law”. The New York Times, p.2. Retrieved from: Pollitz, K., Cox, C., Lucia, K., Keith, K. (2014). “Medical debt among people with health insurance”. Kaiser Family Foundation, p.1. Retrieved from: “Preventative health care for unhealthy can save billions”. (2013) The Canadian Press, p. 1. Retrieved from: Tandon, A., Murray, C. J.L., Lauer, J. A., & Evans. D. B. (2000). Measuring overall health system performances for 191 countries. GPE Discussion Paper Series, 30, 18. Retrieved from:
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