Healthcare Policy Analysis

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Healthcare Policy is an area that is well entrenched into European Politics and society. The issue of healthcare takes on different roles and involves many different things throughout many countries in Europe. Many countries in Europe use a form of government healthcare system, while other take a hybrid plan between government and private healthcare, while other take a private healthcare form altogether. The two countries I will be focusing on our Italy and Britain and the issue of healthcare in their two respected countries, and further analyzing how they were formed, what their policy entails and how it works, and also the similarities and differences between both their healthcare polices, and through that information the pro’s and con’s of each plan. When examining the issue of healthcare and the policy it is better known as a policy that looks to address the medical issues for citizens of each respected country. These medical services are issued through a thing known as health insurance. First this insurance can be made through the government or private insurance companies. Secondly, you look to see what these health programs and insurance provide, and that is doctor visits, drugs, medical procedures, and surgeries and many other things which can differ through the plans given. But also healthcare policy also looks to the provider and that is hospitals and doctors, they could be private or public hospitals, or the policy could be where people can choose their doctors or are given doctors. These are the many issues that make up a healthcare policy and the different options it brings mainly focusing on a government healthcare policy or a private healthcare policy. Italy is a country that has a healthcare policy that is a mi... ... middle of paper ... ...fully government run and operated. This is a healthcare system that is provided through the government and paid for through taxation of the United Kingdom citizens. The healthcare system of the United Kingdom is run by National Health Service of the United Kingdom or NHS (Allianz). This is healthcare that is thought to be inexpensive and free in some instances. This British healthcare program covers things as medical treatments, and doctors visits, but requires a fee for drugs, and optical examinations and glasses and also dental treatment (Allianz). In regards to doctors in the United Kingdom healthcare system individuals are not given the choice of their doctor. In the United Kingdom there are both private and state run hospitals. In regards to the hospitals not every hospital provides emergency care services, but ones that do will treat any individual (Allianz).
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