Healthcare Issues in the United States

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Health care is one of the biggest issue in the United State, and it is on going problem. The fact that Medical treatements are very expensive, Citizen's need a health insurance that doesn't cost a lot and covers well. The Government offers free care for elders, disable, and the under ages in households that make income bellow the poverty level, and employers cover workers with affordable cost, The rest are stuck with private cares, which have their own prices. The Government should be involved with price increasing to health care. Rising the cost of health care would effect the nation in variety ways, but it would be more punishment if it was controlled by individuals . To increase the health care cost means less money in patient's pocket and it shouldn't be measured by the sickness of the patients . The government overhauls before increasing the rate of health care costs and it protects the interest of the citizen. It's clear that the insurance companies doesn't want the federal to be involved with the health care issue, because of the potential for new competition that it will bring. The government should have intervention and be involved in health care increasing cost, because we have reached in a point where everyone is needed to have health care , it is a humane thing to do. Therefore, It is important for government to implement policies that ensure it's population proper health care. In order for everyone to have access to affordable health care, the government will have to be involved. The insurance companies will continue to cover less and charge higher premiums. The government needs to step in and act as an equalizer. The idea that someone could go bankrupt from medical bills in the U.S. is disgraceful. Now a look at so... ... middle of paper ... ...cares and needed medical treatments. What happens when your own sibling or relative gets sick and don't have care? Medical bills are highly expensive, and not affordable to pay, so Every individual needs and should have health-care. Governments involvement in increasing cost of health-care have both negative and positive side, it could effect negatively towards people that have cares, and effect positively the once that need it. To compare and look how other major countries are dealing with health-care issue, you will realize that everyone has access to health-care, which is what the government wants to do. As number one country of the world, the Government should have involvement in health-care increasing cost, and protect it's citizens .
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