Healthcare Done Right

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Homeless people being provided for, and people with pre-existing illnesses finally getting the coverage they deserve at reasonable prices. This is what the Healthcare reform law is going to provide for people in the United States. The Healthcare reform law is a reasonable solution for people who cannot afford or do not have private health insurance.
The Healthcare reform law clearly benefits people who cannot afford health insurance in the first place. It makes it affordable for these people and allows them to be covered for some of their basic medical expenses. The Healthcare reform law also helps people who have pre-existing illnesses such as diabetes or cancer. These people now have the opportunity to get healthcare insurance for an affordable price. Before the Healthcare reform law people with pre-existing illnesses either could not get insurance or were charged outrageous rates. This is one of the many positives that comes out of the healthcare reform law. The first thought when reading about or hearing about the healthcare reform law is that a person may think that it severely limits state's rights. Leading most people to think that the law goes against the constitution in that sense. The healthcare reform law however does not limit states rights as much as it seems. The law actually gives states a tremendous amount of flexibility with which states can edit their healthcare plans. The flexibility that states are given is that they can decide whatever benefits that the healthcare plans offer within their own state. So the states can add and subtract benefits whenever they like from the healthcare plans in their own states. The states can also decide what portion of their budget they put forward for the healthcare insurance s...

... middle of paper ... side is shown. The theory behind the healthcare reform law is that it will not affect the economy a whole lot to notice. The law also should not affect the overall numbers of employment for the entire country. So with that being known it should not affect doctor's salaries or job opportunities either.
The healthcare reform law should not be as big of a debate as it has turned into over the past few years. The law itself is actually a very helpful law. It is helping many of the people who cannot afford insurance and it is now allowing them to finally have quality healthcare. While at the same time its lessening the burden on people who can afford good healthcare and insurance. The healthcare reform law is a reasonable solution for the healthcare situation in the United States right now. It accounts for states' rights, Medicaid expansion, and doctor's salaries.

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