Healthcare Costs and HCA

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HCA: A Driving Force within the South Florida Healthcare Market

Chapter 2: Review of Key Research Literature

Section I: Research Methods

I will use several research methods which include newspaper articles, online references, websites, and books to help research the reduction of medical staff, improving technology, and aggressive billing practices.

I will analyze financial charts, company websites, and news articles to gain perspective on the influence of reducing medical costs, research trends such as ICD-10, coding, and billing and view the impact that coding will have on billing practices, and I will research technology and trends that are developing and currently being implemented into the healthcare system.

Section II: Literature Review

Research on ways to reduce cost of medical staff

In today’s economy companies are looking for ways to get the most from their employees and at the same time remain cost effective while meeting and often exceeding the needs of the patients. Companies such as HCA and Tenet have found several ways to maintain employee levels consistent with patient volume while other hospitals in the area have had to resort to layoffs. One of those creative ways in which HCA and Tenet has reduced medical costs is by minimizing overtime. Strategies are in place to reduce the number of overtime hours by providing education to managers on hospital guidelines, pre-approving overtime, posting reminders, encourage part-time and per diem staff to add shifts, limit targeted overtime bonuses, tracking chronic overtime employees (Yanko, 2009).

Another way Hospitals reduces cost of medical staff is by hiring per diem employees. Per Diem employees are not considered full-time emp...

... middle of paper ..., physician practices, and imaging centers allows hospital groups to consolidate their resources, bill certain services under the hospital payer tax identification number which coders can bill higher rates and office managers can negotiate better contracts with insurance groups. Consolidating services makes business sense by keeping staff cross trained everyone from managers to ultrasound techs can stay within hospital groups or transfer to other facilities located throughout the United States saving the company money on new patient recruitment, training, and employee retention.

Section III: Thesis

With so many structural and financial changes expected in the healthcare market can HCA anticipate a future while adapting and expanding its services and continuing to prosper while it meets the healthcare needs of the community?
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