Healthcare : A Dynamic And Complex Field

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Healthcare is a dynamic and complex field that requires its administrative professionals to be flexible and adaptive. Healthcare administrators not only have to be robustly trained in the various intricacies relative to providing patient care, but they also have to possess the interpersonal skills and business savvy required to manage healthcare organizations. As administrator of a healthcare, my job is to organize medical organization in order to achieve our mission; my team needs tactics to achieve our goal. As an administrator, my interest is business such as budgeting, scheduling, marketing and internal communication. But we face some challenges in our organization, and we gain also some more strengths to reach our goal. Our first strength is we always try to meet the needs of our customers. For instance, we gather more research about Alzheimer diseases and other dementia diseases for my resident to have a better care. With help of the nurses and doctors, we will keep improving those diseases with care. Another meaningful strength is we want to be a complete health system. We provide an aggregate level, we accept all kind of cultures. We are not just here to satisfy their medical needs but we here to meet their devotional and mutual obligations. We organize parties, celebrating holidays of all kind of backgrounds. A working knowledge of the business end of healthcare administration is not sufficient in itself; healthcare administrators must be capable of applying knowledge and managing the various areas of operation relative to organizational performance. Each of the competencies integrates with each other at all times. Some areas, such as the business skill competency, may require more professional preparation, whereas others... ... middle of paper ... ...mindful that communication involves more than oral skills; it also includes the ability to listen, write, and effectively present information. Ultimately, in communicating and managing relations, healthcare professionals must be able to ensure that each of the parties with whom they correspond are focused on a primary goal that adheres to the organization 's values. Leading is about more than being "the boss"; true leadership is about demonstrating class, character, and "practicing what you preach." Good leaders recognize the personal needs and priorities of staff and find creative approaches for fostering teamwork while encouraging other individuals to align their priorities with the organization 's aspirations. Talented leaders are sensitive to the organizational climate and use organic strategies for goal orientation and facilitating change within an organization.
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