Health promotion for nurses

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The American Journal of Health Promotion defines “Health Promotion as the science and art of helping people change their life style to move towards a state of optimal health, which is a balance of the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health.” The main purpose of health promotion in nursing practice is that nurses have a major role to play in order to guide individuals to make healthy decisions by including their patients and families, communities that further form organizations. So it is essential for nurses to have thorough knowledge and information about health promotion theories and models. Nurses must possess the skill to implement and upgrade the effectiveness of evidence based interventions and critically work on future research. Research has shown that nurses with a bachelors or masters degree are adequately able to present, vital strategies to adapt healthy lifestyle to create healthy homes, work areas for school and community as a whole.
The nursing roles and responsibilities are evolving to health promotion by looking at the history where we find the main role of nursing was to take care of patients and to treat their disease condition. However in the present times we find that nurses are getting more educated and the roles and responsibilities of nurses are growing to be more complex including multitasking. In these modern times nurses not only treat the disease condition of the patients by giving them pain medications and other types of medications like PO, IM, IV, dressing changes, chemo treatment, cardiac monitors, CPR, including care and comfort measures. But the focus is further advanced to health promotion. Where nurses keep educating their patients including their families to eat healthy fo...

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... and exams for people with known cancers and other risk factors.
• Providing a suitable job for workers who have been injured at their work places.
Tertiary Prevention mainly focuses on helping people with long term health complications as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD and chronic musculoskeletal pain. The main goal is to prevent further deterioration and improve their quality of life by:
• Sending patients to cardiac or stroke rehabilitation programs
• Chronic pain management programs to relieve pain
• Patient support groups for people with similar problems.
In conclusion for many health problems you may need to use a combination of the primary, secondary and tertiary interventions may be require to achieve a meaningful degree of healing, prevention and protection. It is like fixing a hole in the bridge so people will stop falling through it and drowning.
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