Health Organization: Case Study

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According to HIPPA Health Care can be defined as care, service, or any other supply related to mental, or physical health of a person. In other words, treatment, management, and prevention of illness of person with the help of health care providers, Health care can form a substantial part of a countries economy. Health care systems are organization established to meet the health requirements of every country. Different countries have different type of health care system and policies based on the needs of the community. Health care is provided by medical, Dental, optometry, and other providers. This essay is based on United Health Care group organization. United Health Care is the biggest sole health carrier in United States strives to improve the quality and success of health care for all citizens, increase their contact to medical benefits, and create services that are reasonable to all members of the health care system. United Health Organization was formed in1974 by a group of health care experts. IN 1977 United Health Care Corporation recognized and they started Medicare formularies, pre certification of hospital admissions, cost control software programs for primary care physician’s offices. United Health Care Corporation has concentrated mainly on the health care requirements of elders. In 1979 they started substitute for Medicare and formed new health plan for seniors in private sector. In 1984 United Health Care Company become a public company providing health care to the public through their new system. They established a program for customers in Nursing Homes. In 1988 United Health care formed retail pharmacy benefit, managing payments for prescription drug claims. In 1989 they expanded their program to cancer, Kidney, h... ... middle of paper ... ...ew data of a member, sending information, reminders, users can view information status follow up and HIPPA compliances. Patient Satisfaction United Health Care trusts in program such as Patient Centered Medical Homes are critical to help to improve the quality of health care and reducing medical costs. United Health Care planning to involve a minimum of five patient center Medical Home plans including improved quality at lower cost, physician and patient satisfaction, patient safety etc. Conclusion United Health Care is one of the major health care management organizations in the United State of America. Through their solid and simplified network, well-organized and influential direction, readily accessible on line tools, low cost information made them in the best in this industry. Their outstanding skill in resolving problems save time and preserve their clients.

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