Health Of Becoming A Health Educator

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When I first started college, my view of a health care professional was a transparent overview of the field and their duties. I knew what they did, but at that time I didn’t understand why. Becoming a health educator is easier said than done, and with the knowledge comes a great responsibility. Health education as defined by the World Health Organization is “the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health’. That is noteworthy, yet at the same time, a very board definition. I define health educators as a guardian of the unmindful, meaning as a health educator, you are responsible for the knowledge of your community and expanding their mind set. In my journey through my undergrad years, I have realized that becoming a health administrator will allow me to address several of my interests while also allowing me to serve my community. I will be able to expand my thirst for knowledge while also making a self-efficiency community. I feel as a health care administrator, I need to encompass the role of a lifelong learner. For this to be continuing achieved, I need to be critically reflective of my environment and the people in the community. A health administrator is a profession that requires flexibility and having an open-mind when it comes to constructing your obligations to the community. It is extremely important to me that I learn to cater to the large range of personalities and abilities that will exist in my future community. I define health as a term that means being happy with your body while at the same time eating right and exercising. Helping to eliminate health disparities is one of my obligations to my future community. As a health administrator ... ... middle of paper ... ...g ethics and purpose changes to improve the efficiency of the community. As a health professional I am responsible for keeping up with the lasts developments. This obligation takes many forms. I would personally accomplish this goal by reading health education journals, previewing new products, and being aware of what can affect my community both positively and negatively. I will look forward to becoming a healthcare administrator, and being part of a larger community. As healthcare educators, we are offered a chance to improve the quality of many peoples ' lives including family and friends. We are the faces of the community, with the common goal of building a healthy community. I want to be able to say I made a difference in someone’s life rather big or small. Being a healthcare administrator will be a lifelong career that I look forward to doing in the future.
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