Health Nursing: The Positive Role Of Public Health Nurses

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The role Public Health Nurses have in society today is important for people’s knowledge of health, even though the ideal state of healthy living is always changing, the role of health teaching and giving the population knowledge has been and will continue to be consistent. Specifically, Public Health Nurses (PHN) play a pivotal role in adolescents mental and physical health, both through health teaching and supporting teenagers in development stages of their lives. The purpose of this paper is to achieve research on how PHN’s benefit adolescents mental and physical health through health teaching, that have positive effects on their development. The questions that will be researched and answered in this paper revolve around the subjects that PHN’s discuss with the adolescent age group, such as; are mental health problems positively benefitted and recognized; is health teaching related to physical activity allowing teenagers gain knowledge about the importance of staying active; are teenagers living healthier…show more content…
Strategies used to gather resources that relate to the topic of the paper to gather relevant, supported articles consisted of documents from Google Scholar, Stanhope and Lancaster’s Public Health Nursing (2015). Kjensti’s and Steffenak’s: Public health nurses’ perception of their roles in relation to psychotropic drug use by adolescents. Abildnes’: Physical education Teachers’ and public health Nurses’ perception of Norwegian high school students’ participation in physical education. Lee and Loke’s: Health-promoting behaviours and psychological well-being of University students in Hong
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